Custom Website Design

Custom website design, why bother?

When there are website templates all over the place why would you need custom website design? VKN Digital explores why bespoke solutions can please customers and even affect sales positively.

Firstly, everyone is looking for a personalised experience. The world is ego centric. people want it and they also want it right now. Patience is at an all time low.  So if you can tackle this online then your business will prosper. More and more business is happening online. It’s more convenient, the pricing is attractive and you can ask questions and receive almost immediate feedback. You can shop whatever time of day or night you choose. So, it’s no wonder e-commerce is doing so well.  Furthermore, the problem is that increased demand  puts pressure on your website to do what it needs to do quickly.

If you have custom website design you should be able to develop a site that is all things to all people

Therefore, if you make a list of priorities for the type of website you feel your customers want then the process would work well.

To begin, make a list of desirable features. That doesn’t mean you will necessarily have the budget to fulfil those ambitions but a designer can bear those future plans in mind when they create the original. With this roadmap you can regularly update and develop as you go along.  Next, when you have a custom website design you are not constrained by a template that may prevent you from easily making changes, further down the line.  Please note, a wireframe is so useful here as it allows you to plot customer journeys and see exactly what they are looking for and how they might go about achieving it. So, what are the key consideration when planning custom website design?

1. Think carefully about what type of project your website is going to be.
2. Consider what you want people to undertake on your website
3. What would you personally like to see on the website and see if these two aspects correlate.
4. How many changes do you need to see that might be difficult using a theme or template?
5.  Ponder over what you want to make your website unique and showcase your business in the very best light.
6. Have you thought about how are you going to enhance your customer experience through custom website design?

With custom website design you can even replicate your bricks and mortar store on line so people know exactly where things will be

You have an empty space and you can populate it how you wish. Remember tastes and needs change so be prepared to keep back a budget to regularly overhaul and further develop and update the website. This includes checking copy, broken links, copyright dates, expired offers, adding new images. You might consider keeping your website designers and developers on a retainer to ensure your website remains fresh and new-looking. As a result, customers and potential clients will trust you more, probably spend more time on your website and are more likely to convert.

What can a website development team do for your website and your business?

  • They will:
    • Maintain and update security
    • Offer contemporary fixes and updates to help functionality
    • Fix speed issues when plugins clash, for example or Flash effects compromise. They will amend images that are too large or take up too much time to load.
    • Amend loading and error issues that may be affecting customer experience
    • Keep an eye on technology that may affect how your customers us the website
  • Check mobile and web upload speeds.
    • Sort out search engine optimisation
    • Update legal requirements such as GDPR
    • Watch the bounce rate and help make suggestions to improve it

If you need a beginner’s guide to back end development here’s a handy guide from Upwork.

At VKN Digital Ltd. Our custom website design team work in close contact with our copywriters.

Our content writers are well trained and understand why planning content and design concurrently aid customer experience. As Brian Solis says, we should design for the four moments of truth and every moment between. So how will your web design help customers in their micro moments when they ask:

Your website design should help in the ambition to personify customers and actually walk in their shoes. If you feel your website is not fulfilling your purpose and is failing to communicate with customers it might well be time to think about custom web design.  Of course, we are happy to advise so contact us now. You can give us your url and also tell us what you feel are your main issues. We would be delighted to have a quick look through your existing website and make some suggestions. However, if a template is what you would like and it seems to fit your purposes we are very happy to assist you. We even have coders and graphic designers that can make bespoke tweaks and additions to help you create a more bespoke solution without spending the kind of sums required for custom website design. Check out our website development and design services right here.

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