Create, Work, Earn

Do you want to create and contribute to a brand new publication?

Create, work earn is the title of my new book. It is scheduled to be published in late September and exciting times are ahead. As we are a very lean machine we can set pretty tight deadlines and hit them.

The book is about the freelancer economy and people that want to create and earn money.

Why did I write Create, Work, Earn?

Firstly, the book stems from a desire to earn a living through my creativity. It was an ambition. I thought it was probably just a dream that would never come true. However, as I am lucky enough to live in a world where freelancing is the new buzz word and tech makes it easier, I succeeded.

I know there are many people who love to create

Many others would like to earn their living through said creativity. I also know many people that have achieved it too. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to write a book that celebrated freelancing and also worked as a handbook for anyone wanting to kickstart their career. Finally, we all need information and what better than to learn lessons from others’ experience and save yourself the hassle and heartache.

Whatever age you are a freelancing career is there for the taking

However, I suppose I am of the opinion that if I can completely transform my career and rebrand myself then almost anyone can do it. When we consider that for many of us, working until we are 70 is a distinct possibility then agility is key.   Mind you, you may be thinking about freelancing as a long term project. You might be looking for a quick fix. Perhaps you could even be desperate to find another income stream. Whatever your reason then Create, work, earn will be a handy book to keep close by for the times when you are need of inspiration.

In the book you will find the following chapters:

  • The Freelance economy
  • Creativity, agility and innovation
  • Evaluating what you’ve got and who wants it
  • Contemporary workplace skills
  • What makes you who you are
  • Confidence building
  • Your life skills, interests, experience, ambitions, plans
  • Rebranding Yourself
  • Building a portfolio, CV and experience
  • Opportunities: review of freelance sites etc.
  • Marketing yourself
  • Nurturing your creativity
  • Next Steps
  • Case Studies
  • Bibliography
  • Societies, organisations etc.

I write a lot about creativity and I like to create every day even when deadlines and pressures are almost overwhelming. I believe passionately that we all need to refill the well otherwise it will simply run dry. What are your top tips for remaining creative?

If you would like to contribute a case study then I would be delighted to hear from you.

Our writing guidelines are:

firstly: a minimum of 2000 words

Next, use Calibri font

Always add some copyright free Images

In addition, sub-headers, bullet points and anything that helps readers to focus are required

Your work should have been proofed and edited before you send it.

Next, please include as many pertinent details that will aid people’s understanding of what freelancing and creativity really means as a potential work source.  Do highlight the joys and pains, top tips, handy hints, hacks and anything else that might be useful to readers.

We are offering a boiler plate where you can add your name, photo and any links you would like to share.

To conclude, if you like the idea of reading the book or you want additional copies to send to your aunt in darkest Peru then subscribe now and receive a  25% discount.

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