Copywriters by the hour

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Ten a penny, a cent a word and so forth is the reality for today’s copywriters. Business thinks the cheaper the copywriter then costs can be lowered.  Sourcing a cheap copywriter by the hour might be attractive. I might dare to suggest that may well be  a grave mistake.

copywriters by the hour

What is the function of web copy, web content, blogging, marketing and email campaigns?

Surely it’s to gain a reaction? How is this achieved? Is there a skill or can anyone write copy? You can use catchy headlines, double readership techniques, bullet points, subheadings and other signposts but one of the essential elements is attraction before anything else.

Give it to me now!

As a reader I will scan an article and make a decision whether I will give it my time. I m  often looking for a balance of engaging and informative research.  I either want to discover something I didn’t know or underscore something I believe or feel. Most importantly I want a solution to whatever conundrum or problem I have. Give it to me now, give it to me straight, give it to me!

Yet on freelancing sites we are looking at yet another deflation of charges

A number of recent conversations show that businesses are looking to cut costs and outsourcing to the cheapest freelancer. Copywriters by the hour are being forced to charge less and less.Fantastic, you might find the next Oscar Wilde working at $5 an article – terrific. You might not.

Is this the right approach? Should copywriters by the hour be paid a pittance?

There are many things to consider when hiring a copywriter. Culture is one significant  factor. Nuance, subtlety and awareness of idiom are just some of the aspects a writer needs to consider. Tone underscores this too. Sarcasm, irony and satire can be inappropriate depending on a specific country or audience. English may well be a universal language but there are many varieties and they won’t always work effectively for your business. Re-writing copy can be time-consuming and costly. Developing a long term relationship with a copywriter can save you money and result in a more effective product. Don;t underestimate loyalty from freelancers and copywriters by the hour.

Social media may well just be about 140 characters but you need to achieve  an effect in a short space

It’s a highly competitive space too where eyeballs are used to passing over information quickly as we scan for the next ‘hit’. First off a great social media manager will be able to write and communicate effectively and engagingly.  Cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best. It’s time for business to really think carefully about what they really need before hiring copywriters by the hour for a few pence.

That doesn’t preclude cross fertilization

This may well  add an attractive dimension to your sales copy but think carefully before you make budget your one concern. Sometimes it might end up costing you much more than the money you save.If you need advice regarding email campaigns, web content, blogging or content for social media purposes then click here for a free consultation.

Vivienne Neale is currently working in Australia researching the world of freelancing.

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