Content writing needs to diet and be lean

[Tweet “Are you failing with your content writing strategy?”]

Content writing’s future and social media developments have been recent Twitter conversations . None of us have managed to nail the answers just yet (do watch this space) but what we have decided is that content is not the same as it was.

Yes sir there is something rotten in the state of content (apologies Mr Shakespeare)

If you are writing your hands regarding your content writing strategy perhaps you are writing too much. Today this article will be a case of do as I say and not as I do! I write masses because I am a writer. But I do agree with everything I see around me and now I have to curb my natural enthusiasm. Therefore follow these tips and conquer content writing.

  1. [Tweet “Readers want answers and they want them now”]. Compare a tweet with a 19th century article – compare Dickens with  a flash fiction writer and you’ll see the difference. So, why not try short snappy but gorgeous emails. It might be a carefully honed and delightful offer with a piece of advice but keep it small but beautifully formed. Content writing needs to individualised it is not a one size fits all model (especially when it’s XL!)
  2. Remember pictures are content. Use pics from a blog to post on Pinterest. Tell your story in images. You don’t need a different subject just a tweak in your approach.
  3. Mix it up. Don’t waste a tweet quote without some kind of call to action. You need to be subtle but when it works, oh boy, it does! Content writing needs to be flab free here!
  4. [Tweet “Engage and be meaningful.”] Thoughtful content on Twitter can get you well known and many tweets make one blog. It’s just a shift of emphasis that’s all. Content writing is a specialist skill on social media and some forget this.
  5. If you struggle for content even when you have a content strategy (bet you don’t, really!) then follow some conversations  then you cannot fail to be inspired. When in doubt pin some pics. The whole process is creative and puts one in the zone. Some pithy comments beneath a pic can have a massive result.
  6. Get everyone else to share your content writing efforts. Things that are short and sweet are easy to digest and often get shared. Long form content is way down the marketing funnel. How many times have you read a long article and this is getting that way- sigh!
  7. [Tweet “If you are still sharing the same content across all platforms then shame on you”]. Different niche, different expectations, different access points. Don’t be a slave to the wordmeister. Use videos, podcasts, slide shares and put your content on a diet. I am doing my best!

What works well for you? Has your content writing diet paid off?

Ps This post comes in at under 500 words, I am so chuffed!

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