Content writing is finished isn’t it?

Forget content writing we only look at the pictures!

My name is Vivienne Neale and I am a Pinaholic, which is odd really as my main passion is content writing. How did I get this way? I started managing clients’ Pinterest boards and find I can’t keep away. I am working on a theory that Pinterest would be ideal for subliminal messaging purposes. In my personal life I have already started following a ‘clean diet’ and keep worrying I don’t have ‘abs to die for’ and that can only have come from Pinterest; I didn’t care before!

There was a time when advertisers flashed images in front of cinema go-ers eyes and found that hey presto, people wanted whatever their subconscious had registered. It was banned of course. But who is going to notice on Pinterest if you tried this technique? What impact do all those lines of images have on the viewer? I would be interested to get wired up and see the brain activity and especially when I am content writing.

[Tweet “So why is a content writer interested in Pinterest? We only look at the pictures don’t we?”] I would say that actually it is only half the story. I have been pinning ordinary images from other pinners. I leave their urls and sometimes even leave their links. But what I do change is the description. I realise that [Tweet “descriptions which really send a message make a difference to the number of pins they receive”].

As sophisticated scanners we can pick up signals about whether we want to read something extremely quickly. Good content writing therefore still has a part to play. Sometimes I appear to have no control over this, however. Somehow[Tweet ” it’s not enough to just see a picture without some kind of additional engagement from the pinner “].

[Tweet “A carefully created few lines of content writing can make a pin come alive”]. There has to be something more than just a constant stream of visual imagery after all. We are almost begging someone to entertain us, stop us in our tracks, make us engage. I take that role upon myself!

So, have a look at your Pinterest pages. Do they do it for you? More importantly does the content writing do it for others? If you need help, well you know where I am: on Pinterest! We no longer have a traditional sign on the door; it now says:

‘Gone Pinning!’

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