Content writer for social media? Really?

Do you need a content writer to run your social media campaigns?

Anyone can run social media. Why do you need a content writer anywhere near your social media campaigns?

7 Great reasons to hire a content writer to write tweets and posts for your social media campaign

  1. [Tweet “All your social media platforms represent you!”]. Your brand, service or product is on show each time you post. People make their mind up in a millisecond whether they will read what’s been written or attached.
  2. [Tweet “On Twitter the tweets run past like a stream with a very fast current.”] How do you make a decision to stop and engage? Yes, an image is worth a thousand words but something pithy, articulate, funny or apposite can stop anyone in their tracks.
  3. A trained content writer who can adopt the appropriate tone for the profile and its associated stream can be a real asset. For example, would tweets be the same on a trade-dominated feed as compared to an Etsy sellers feed? What about writers and artists, compared to social media, office types?
  4. Yes, many people have a mixed set of followers and they follow many. But if you have surrounded yourself with a specific niche then you may need an experienced content writer to produce tweets that attract retweets, favouriting and engagement from that ‘type’ of follower.
  5. Remember, building a social media presence takes time. It needs to be consistent; your presence should be predictable but the content should never be. A dull feed is simply ignored. It’s nothing personal (or is it?) but in all that noise it is simply overlooked.
  6.  [Tweet “Social media is underpinned by great content”]. Yes you can curate other people’s content, but something that really sums up your company’s personality or gives added value will often attract attention. It’s not enough to link to industry-relevant content. Hopefully your content writer is not only a good researcher but can add an additional personalised comment that brings a tweet or post alive.
  7. You may be too busy, you may think your core business doesn’t possess the ‘wow’ factor but an experienced content writer with a vivid imagination can find inspiration in almost anything. They do that for a living! Content writers are creative types, they like a challenge, they enjoy communication, that’s their forte. You can outsource your social media indiscriminately and pay almost nothing. But what value does real engagement bring to your brand? Isn’t it time you reviewed your social media management and employed a content writer to manage and develop your valuable brand?

What do you think? Is this a fair  set of assumptions?

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