Content Marketing Mistakes are costly

9 things you should do with your content marketing

[bctt tweet=”Great content marketing does the job and is a great weapon in your arsenal!”]. It’s not something you can churn out and publish. It’s not as simple as that. This point underpins all your content marketing efforts.

1.Content marketing needs to have a point. It needs a valid purpose. It must  be targeted to the right audience at the right time. The right time is when THEY need it.

2.Don’t think you know what your audience wants or needs. [bctt tweet=”Many businesses make a mistake by producing content from their perspective.”] What you think people think about your niche market and what they really think, feel and want are often quite different. You may be a geeky tech company but have you actually checked what your potential customers are really searching for? You may be shocked.Solution? Do your content  research carefully.

Does your content marketing have a watering hole feel?3.Hang out where your audience actually hangs out. Find the digital water cooler or after work watering hole. You may find your content marketing morphs into something different. Perhaps it’s answering questions on forums or offering comments on other people’s articles. Don’t forget to respond to comments left on your site too. The key is to be responsive and to be seen. [bctt tweet=”Almost everything can be considered part of your content marketing strategy”].

4.Think carefully regarding the tone and approach you adopt for your content . What’s the point of what you produce? Are you informing, educating, empathizing, promoting, entertaining? Do you have a mix of tone? No? It’s time to rethink your strategy.

5.Are you sticking to one channel and hoping for the best? It’s not a smart move. Depending on the channel chosen you can use the same content base. However, you do need to tweak content to suit the space. Think about turning up to a cocktail party in jeans or to a funeral wearing fancy dress. [bctt tweet=”Your content needs to be appropriate for the audience, the time AND the venue.”] Your what doesn’t matter if your why is lacking!

Is your content standing head and shoulders above your competitors?6.Promote your content. If this is not your thing then find a content marketing marketer to do it for you. There are so many options but it will require a content marketing calendar and a consistent strategy. A professional can help with this. They might even tell you how to promote your blog on social media.

7.You’ve done your keyword research but give people some credit. They didn’t want keywords stuffed down their throat. Good quality content is what’s required over and above key word considerations. Hire a professional writer to create content marketing pieces that resonates with your audience. They can advise on all aspects of content marketing. You may find they suggest infographics, white papers, case studies, podcasts, explainer videos and things you may not have considered. Go on take a risk. That’s what your audience wants from you. Click here to see what SEO pitfalls you need to avoid in 2016.An editorial calendar will give you a structure. [bctt tweet=”Surprisingly people are creatures of habit. They find a voice they trust so keep returning.”] You are a publisher and they expect to find new content regularly. So be consistent, that’s a golden rule.

8.Avoid the hard sell whenever you undertake content promotion. Marketing is far more subtle these days. Think about your own online behaviour. It’s a chance remark, an image, a link, an idea that will send you off on a tangent and end up buying something you hadn’t realised you needed.

Great content marketing does the job!9.Great content marketing should be provocative. It should empathise and get under the skin of your intended audience. When you take the audience on a journey, maybe lead them by the hand, make them laugh or answer their query. Then your content marketing job is done.

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Vivienne Neale is a content marketing professional and strategist

Vivienne Neale is a content marketing professional and strategist

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