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It’s nice to kind of meet you. You’re reading this because you’re interested in improving your content marketing.

This is Tim and Vivienne. To the right, it’s our cat, Cyril. He hates it when we waffle, so we’ll get straight to the point.

We’re digital marketers and copywriters who have been around the block and we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.  We really value your time.

We’re sure you have questions, and we do have answers. But we don’t know whether or not we can help you achieve your goals just yet.

So let’s handle this first…

Most content marketing is poorly executed.

At worst, it’s frankly awful.

We’ve seen content that’s both confused and confusing. It’s often ego-centred and all about sell, sell, sell. The worst content marketing is basically a thinly veiled sales message. Do you really believe that your prospective clients won’t see straight through the disguised message? How do you think they’ll perceive you and your brand when they do?

If you’ve tried to implement content marketing into your business, you’ve likely encountered some of these issues.

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Badly-executed content marketing hurts your business

But it’s a vital part of today’s buying journey

Content Marketing should be fresh

Buyers are switching off badly-executed content marketing. They see straight through poorly disguised sales messages and click away – if they even bother clicking in the first place. This has a negative impact on your brand’s perception.

Content marketing is about giving. You must provide upfront value to your prospective customers and to add more value for your existing customers. When you ‘give’ and expect something in return, it comes across as non-genuine. There’s a right time to give, and a right time to ask for something in return – but in the world we’re in today, you have to give more than you take. If you don’t, you will fail.

The latest research says that, by 2020, a staggering 85% of all brand interactions will take place without initial human intervention. This means that, if you weren’t up against it already, you are now.

Your content has to work extremely hard.

Can you afford to leave your content to chance?  Of course not. The problem is content production takes commitment, reliability, and creativity. When you’re running a business it’s the thing that always drops off the to do list.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Content Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Bad.

It Can Change Your Business When It’s Done Right.

Vivienne’s writing is first class. She can flex to suit any topic and manages to understand the audience regardless of industry sector. The writing is always lively and engaging with a pace that makes the reader want to act. This is a perfect writing style for the web where attention spans are low and competition high. I would highly recommend Vivienne for your next writing project.

Claire McKee, Edit Digital

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Some Of Our Happy Clients

I’ve worked with Vivienne for well over a year now. She produces high quality work all the time and delivers way beyond expectation. The ideas she has generated are unique and have helped Leadamo get to where it is today. She takes full ownership of work which is hard to find from a freelancer.

Hitesh Mistry, Leadamo

Vivienne answered my desperate call for help and took me in as a personal project. Her vast knowledge and understanding of social media isn’t like one of those young smart ones who were born into the world of computers, internet and social media, but acquired out of grasping change as inevitable and a good part of evolution. With Vivienne’s help and teachings (she didn’t spare me of some stinging criticism and I thank her for that too) I adopted the right attitude toward my candle making business and the blogging and social media related to it. I already see results of our work together and can’t thank her enough. Thank you Vivienne.

Deganit Cannon Candles by Deganit

Very rarely do you find someone who not only understands the art of great communication but also has a clear view of the technology and platforms to deliver the message correctly. A highly talented digital strategist, she has a calm view in a moment of crisis and is a fast-paced decision maker when you’re up against deadlines. Vivienne delivers every time.

Calum Brannan, No Agent

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