Content creation trends 2015

2015  the year of the lean, mean content writing machine

‘Oh, ‘you might be saying, ‘that’s hardly news. The internet is stuffed with content. What else is there to know about content creation?’

That’s exactly the point. People will be looking very carefully at the types of content they are creating. But in 2015 they’ll be assessing worth long before it’s even written. Kissmetrics has produced a great piece of content on the wider issues of content creation.

The fact we are experiencing infobesity means there’s a need to slim down, shape up and have very well defined set of specific goals regarding content. creation

Obviously the trend is towards video content and smart take-aways. Info-graphics need a change of style, for example. Most of us are sick of the busy info-graphic that prompts a swift lie down after consumption.However they still remain popular. But it’s clarity, precision and share-ability are three strong considerations when considering new content creation

The key driver for content creation is timing and audience need

There’s still a desire for long form content but businesses should be thinking when that appears. At what point in the customer journey should we hit them with a case study, white paper, flabby blog?

Stream of consciousness writing is best left to James Joyce

Writing without careful research, producing vanity blogs for the sake of writing are kinda dead in the water. Essentially, every one of us is time poor. If I land on your content I want key takeaways. I want to hoover up something useful and if it’s vital I will stay longer. As a reader I am ruthless. Bore me and I’m gone.

Right place, right time in the customer journey

If you go down the video route and why not, then script writing is a key skill. Even here, the message has to be delivered quickly, succinctly with enough to prompt curiosity and a follow up action. A content writer needs to be flexible and knowledgeable to really fillet the information for the right time and the right person. This really is the secret of successful content creation.

2015 is the year of experienced content writers. A creative writer is not necessarily a useful content creator. As a business you should learn the difference right now.

To summarise:

In 2015 ensure your content creation efforts:

  1. are part of a content strategy that you revisit regularly
  2. have clear goals and you spend time considering these carefully
  3. have a set of specific objectives
  4. follow the planned business goals
  5. are timely and offers people what they need when they need it.
  6. are written for the reader not the company. Tackle their pain points.
  7. Create content for every stage and measure that carefully
  8. spend time empathising with potential and existing customers
  9. Learn the difference between hero, hygiene and hub content
  10. Develop long term relationships with content creators so they can really develop affinity with your brand and your customers.

Of course content creation is a way to drive leads but more is not better. Terse and cogent should be your watchwords

Final comment: Guy Kawasaki stated in his new book The Art of Social Media;

‘If it’s not worth sharing then it’s not worth writing.’

I agree with that.

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