content; consider 5 things BEFORE commissioning .

Content marketing has always been important

With  fairly recent changes in Google algorithms writers and great content are in demand. I’ve noticed that clients are still not keen to pay appropriate prices for quality content. This is baffling. Evergreen content that shows a product, brand or service to be an influencer will always be re-shared. A great article will hang around forever. It more than pays for itself. To make the point more clearly read this statement:

When considering your content do you just ask a writer to create 5 blogs?  have you thought about the following?

Consider 5 things BEFORE commissioning content

  1. Is your purpose crystal clear? Do you know what this latest publication is going to achieve?
  2. Is the aim of your new piece of content brand awareness? Is it industry awareness? Have you given it some serious thought?
  3. Are you hoping your latest content will generate leads and engagement?
  4. Have you aligned your purpose with the most appropriate social media channel?
  5. Have you reviewed your content output so far and measured its effectiveness? Do you really understand your target audience?

Just asking these five questions will affect how your content is written. There are many writers hoping to pitch for your business. Will they be able to provide a service or just 500 words? These are the basic considerations. A professional content writer and strategist will mean the money you spend on this form of digital marketing will bring you ROI. This should occur both the short and long term.

I wrote about cross posting for the Leadamo Academy earlier this week. In the past it has been so easy to post on Facebook and allow your other chosen social platforms to be updated automatically. Why do this when the target audience is different for each platform? Social media is a generic term. Yet each platform has a loyal following with different expectations. A writer should be able to evaluate your brand, understand it and even suggest a strategy. They should also be au fait with the social media platforms you favour. That’s why looking for price over quality will always fail. Average content will never have an impact.

About the author:

Vivienne Neale has just won a scholarship to join Squared Online’s digital marketing course. She will update key take-aways as the six month course progresses. Do check back or subscribe to keep up to date with the latest tips and examples of effective digital marketing practice.

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