Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Company – Tips and Red Flags

The amount of business conducted online continues to increase. Customers are constantly looking for products and services online therefore tangible digital marketing existence and effective strategies are essential. Being unique and standing out to customers in this highly competitive digital space is complex. It involves expert knowledge and effective tools to develop a strong presence. It also requires a significant investment of time, knowledge, creativity and experience.

So, how do you choose a reliable digital marketing agency for your business? Check these tips below that will help you to decide on the right SEO Company for your specific needs!

1. Know your company’s marketing needs

Even before you hire a digital marketing agency, analyze your needs. Figure out whether you need a website designing or just a refresh. You may have spent a lot on your website two years ago but like every shop window it needs to be refreshed. Do you need SEO services? Most companies don’t like spending money on SEO. Do not dismiss it. Without a well- managed site you will be losing business and that’s a fact. It’s worth looking at how effective your social media campaign or Email marketing is right now? All these add up to a marketing offering that will get you in front of potentail customers. By evaluating your needs BEFORE you look for a digital marketing company light will be shed on what you need to develop for more effective results.

2. How strong is the online presence of the digital marketing agency?

This is a great indication regarding what the agency has done for its own business to generate results for themselves. For example, if you are looking to hire an agency for social media promotion, then check how well they have maintained their social media profiles. Do they practise what they preach? And, if you are looking to hire them for your SEO needs, then check which place they rank in the search engine results for their industry terms. However, do remember that terms like SEO are highly competitive and these companies may well choose not to rank for them. This is an indicator but may not tell the whole story.

3. Check for credibility and experience

It is very important to know the agency’s experience and credibility. Go through their testimonials and check if they seems authentic. You might even ask for their previous client references. Call up those references and enquire about their experience with the digital marketing agency and how transparent they were throughout the process. This will help you decide whether to hire the particular digital marketing agency. However, a phone call can often demonstrate whether a digital agency is a good fit for your brand very quickly.

Together, do not miss to check for these Red Flags as well!

1. Are the services competitively priced?

Remember that a low quote may mean low quality of work. A higher priced quote will not necessarily equate to top service. A company with a strong reputation is more likely to provide you with realistic and transparent rates.

2. Getting your website indexed quickly

If the agency promises to get your website indexed in couple of days, then it simply means that they have not thoroughly analysed even half of the SEO parameters which any SEO professional must do.

3. Promising top page ranking in a week

The road to SEO success is a long one. Thus, make sure that you pick the right agency considering the above mentioned tips. For digital marketing services in Cornwall, visit

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