Blogging to the right target audience?

Blog writing can be soul destroying, especially if you are not blogging to the right target audience

Sometimes it appears you have no audience and no one cares. But have you ever thought that people are looking for specific information? Are you blogging to the right target audience or are you just blogging?Their world is egocentric to the core. They need answers to their problems. In an ideal world all blog writing should be bespoke!

Find your dream blog reader by blogging to the right target audience

Of course life isn’t like that so what can business bloggers do? The solution is probably to focus specifically. Put yourself into your target audience’s shoes and write for them and them alone. Niche is fashionable. Niche can be quirky, original, exciting, different and highly targeted.

Netflix aren’t blogging to the right target audience but they understand exactly what people want from them in their niche

People are looking for ways to attract and also keep customers. We know upselling is much easier than finding a client in the first place. Therefore we should be creating blogs/ vlogs or any other asset that addresses the next need. If you look at Netflix as an example their philosophy is to work on future need customers don’t even know they might have! That way they stay way ahead in their own niche zone.

Your blogging should target a specific set of issues that matter to your audience

When an expert in your field is suggesting something you haven’t considered that can be an “Aha” moment. Therefore let’s consider how we can create a space of our very own. We want people to come to our blog because we give detail. We need to give them their very own ‘aha’ moment.They need to feel we are targeting a specific set of problems, needs, pains, areas. It’s interesting to see how quickly you become a thought leader when you focus on one thing.

Blogging to the right audience: a guide for 2018

1.Target your audience for your blog

Know what niche you want to create, develop and inhabit. Find out what people are looking for. You can do this face to face, using surveys, asking questions within the content or even reaching out on social media. Look at hashtags, keywords, analytics and see just what people are searching for. You will also find that when you are super clear about what you are all about and what people want to know then you can target your activities accordingly.

2.Pitch to your known audience type

Think about it, what’s the point of pitching your new rare steak burgers to vegans? You may think this is risky as you close down your potential market. But think about it, an engaged target is much more likely to convert and in terms of ROI might well represent better value. Traffic that comes from this narrow and engaged audience is usually a quality audience. They are interested, want to know more and are often invested. If you can capitalise on this responsiveness then you may find they convert more often and more quickly than the general public.3

3.Don’t dismiss a section of blog audience

Initially it might not look like a good fit. But with a little research you might well be surprised. I once worked for a training provider. We noticed the huge amount of traffic coming from Mumbai. Our course this was dismissed as a blip. The management team didn’t think it looked like a good fit until we started to explore business culture in Mumbai further. We realised LinkedIn has massive uptake in India.

With further research we also knew the people looking at our courses were aspiring, up and coming people who had the money to pay for a course. In fact they were actively searching for appropriate CPD. It soon became obvious that using LinkedIn advertising and appealing to people in that city would be worth bothering with. It worked a treat. It took some effort, some translation work and a shift in messaging but the results spoke for themselves. We achieved a massive uplift in demand. We were essentially appealing to a specific target audience even though our courses were originally not marketed to this segment.

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4.Match the audience with your message

My last anecdote explored just that. But always ensure your message is about the people you are targeting, it should not be just about your business. If you focus carefully on your specific audience and get to know them you can create a clearer idea of just what they need or what they might want based on your research and analytics. If you spend time blogging to the right target audience then it will all make sense. If people are spending longer and engaging with content they see as relevant that will do wonders for your bounce rate too. We all know the longer someone spends on a website the more likely they will be promoted to take action. Think about it, content creation is much easier when you know to whom you are communicating. Generic content belongs to the past wouldn’t you say? Your blog needs a well-defined audience.

5.Become a thought leader in your niche

Come on, there aren’t enough hours in a day to know everything about everything. We were lead to believe that the Internet would open the world to our businesses but what we didn’t bargain for was that one message was never going to fit all. This is not defeatist talk. Consider this: if you create products that are niche and highly targeted then making money from your blog is much easier. Even considering affiliate marketing means the lines are clearly drawn. It will be easy to see what products, brands and services will align with your perspective. You will quickly see what content pieces will complete the jigsaw. You can also make your landing pages and lead magnets highly specific. After all you know exactly what your target audience really needs. It really does make a lot of sense.

6.Finally, find your tribe

Tribes love that sense of identity especially if they think they are learning something other people don’t know. For many, popularism is the kiss of death for them. Aim to be a highly targeted not so well-kept secret and watch the difference in your analytics. Remember, blogging to the right target audience is key and will unlock success….eventually!

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