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Why Websites Still Matter to Local Businesses

Local Search
Of the 97% of consumers who looked online for a local business last year, fewer are interested in following up that research with a website visit. This report may leave people to question if it’s worth investing in a local…
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Link Building with Content Syndication – What You Need to know

Search Engine Optimisation
Link Building starts here Domain authority (DA) is a factor that influences search engine rankings. The higher your DA the better your traffic and rankings will be. The best way to improve DA is by generating high authority links in…
Customer service

Local Customer Service Ecosystem 2019 what is it?

Local Search
Good local customer service is nothing more than understanding what’s important to customers. Your goal should be to form a stable relationship with customers – a relationship that every customer would like to have. If your brand’s strategy has no…

The Art of Blending Creativity and SEO in Content Writing

Content Writing
Jon Buscall rightly said, “Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, undoubtedly content is still back, front and centre. Whether it’s blogs, social media, webpage, etc. content forms the integral part of…

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Company – Tips and Red Flags

Digital Marketing
The amount of business conducted online continues to increase. Customers are constantly looking for products and services online therefore tangible digital marketing existence and effective strategies are essential. Being unique and standing out to customers in this highly competitive digital…

How Google Maps Can Transform Your Business?

If you think a Google map is for directions alone then it is time to think again. Yes! This handy feature helps to build real trust with your customers and paves way for increased connection with your target audience. Why?…
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Small Business Saturday 2018

Small Business Saturday has never been so important Small businesses up and down the country are up against it. With high business rates and people shopping online the heat is on. People say how much they love shopping centres but…
How businesses use Instagram stories

How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

How Business use Instagram Stories? The Infographic you need now As social media evolves; a growing number of possibilities are presented to businesses to improve their marketing. Here’s why you should be using Instagram Stories… INSTAGRAM STORIES: AN ESSENTIAL MARKETING…
Create Work Earn and have a freelance career

Create – Work – Earn a passport to a new life

If you want to create-work-earn and carve a living through your creativity read on This is the first part in a series of posts about earning a living through creativity. To create-work-earn is no longer just a dream, it’s very…
voice search means one less text based search

Voice search will change your business – Are you prepared?

Search Engine Optimisation
Voice search has become the new hot topic in marketing and content creation It’s the new tech on the block that is very quickly making its way into our homes. The concept of voice search has been floating around for…