voice search means one less text based search

Voice search will change your business – Are you prepared?

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Voice search has become the new hot topic in marketing and content creation It’s the new tech on the block that is very quickly making its way into our homes. The concept of voice search has been floating around for…
Online for Small Business

8 Small Business Services To Search Online For

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For any small business, it is essential to cut down on cost without compromising on products and services. To achieve this, you can turn to the internet. There are many small business services that every small organisation needs to run…
2018 Search engine optimisation trends

2018 Search Engine Optimisation Trends

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2018 Search Engine Optimization trends are still relevant We still have four months to go until the end of the year. So what are you doing to improve your SEO? 2018 search engine optimization trends reflect what people are doing…
view from a writing shed

Writing shed aids creativity

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A writing shed. Who has such a thing? How ridiculous is that? Sometimes I catch myself thinking such thoughts. A writing shed? Really? Well, I’ll let you into a secret. I have just expended a massive amount of energy converting…
Create Work Earn and have a freelance career

Freelance career here

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A freelance career might be your next move and here’s how A freelance career is the preferred choice for many people. Sometimes it’s necessity that drives us towards this path other times frustration. Many others simply want to earn their…

Managing Your Financial Affairs as a Freelancer

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Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-using-space-gray-iphone-x-1043506/ From the outside looking in, the world of a freelancer can seem like all fun and games. Freelancers set their own work schedule, they decide which projects to take on, and they’re in complete control of their earning…

Journaling welcome to creativity

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Journaling is the route to creativity, that much I know The creative economy is booming. The creative industries’ record contribution to UK economy in 2016 demonstrates it’s a sector worth £92bn and is actually growing at twice the rate of…
Create, work, Earn by Vivienne K Neale

Create, Work, Earn

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Do you want to create and contribute to a brand new publication? Create, work earn is the title of my new book. It is scheduled to be published in late September and exciting times are ahead. As we are a…
Creativity, create, work, earn

Creativity needs attention

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Creativity is worth millions. Business craves it. Writers dream about it. Creatives rely on it. So why do we think creativity is an endless well that never runs dry? When’s the last time you took your creativity out to play?…
Voice search will you be the result that's offered?

Voice search is the future of search and engagement

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Why is Voice Search important to business futures? Voice search and the future. Are you ready? Voice search is the future of marketing and engagement and is about being more engaged and personal with customers. Voice search is part of…
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