Understand your customers and help them to love you

Understand your customers before creating content

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Do you understand your customers or are you still approximating? Gone are the days when writing a blog was all you needed to do. Before you even think about creating content it’s worth having a discussion about who needs you…
Transform LinkedIn connections into leads

LinkedIn Connections into Leads

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Transforming LinkedIn connections into leads is not difficult Most people simply fail to follow through, collect connections and forget them. We explain some key things to help you make the transformation. I wonder how many people simply keep LinkedIn going,…
Get more sales by creating emotional copy

Get more sales with emotional copy

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To get more sales we need to really engage with potential customers. We need to make them feel. That tricky awareness content piece needs to elicit a response. What you want is for someone to feel something about what you…
hiring a designer is a good idea

Hiring a designer 28 tips for success

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Before hiring a designer here are some key considerations to help you get the best for your business and the best from your designer: Communication is key Before hiring a designer make sure you’ve done some planning in advance and…
Keep It Simple Stupid content marketing

2018 Content marketing has morphed is your business ready?

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Formats change. 2018 content marketing roles and aims are very different but has your business adapted? It’s not enough to have a list of topics and just keep publishing. When it comes to 2018 content marketing you need a strategy.…
15 reasons why blogging still matters

Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why

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Feel blogging is dead? Do you think video is the way forward? Are you considering abandoning your blog? Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why Blogging gives a massive opportunity to explore every tip of long tail search term. It’s is…
Find your pride and blog with them in mind

Blogging to the right target audience?

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Blog writing can be soul destroying, especially if you are not blogging to the right target audience Sometimes it appears you have no audience and no one cares. But have you ever thought that people are looking for specific information?…
Twitter needs human not robots

Getting Your Business Started on Twitter 2018

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Twitter is a social media platform that has recorded some pretty monumental world events. Whenever big news breaks then Twitter is the first port of call for many. For years it was known as the quick, concise way to show…
Social Media The Movie

Social Media The Movie

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Social Media; The Movie Review Part One   I had to laugh when I opened the url for ‘Social Media: the Movie’   Of course I was intrigued by the idea of Social Media The Movie and miffed I hadn’t…