Landing Pages are used for conversion success

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Why you should Use Landing Pages Landing pages increase conversion rates. It really is that simple.  Why would that be you might be wondering? A landing page is targeted. People are searching for something specific and your landing page is…
content writing needs to be right

Freelance writer top tips

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Freelance writer dreams? How can you make this career a reality? If you are thinking of starting a career as a freelance writer do some thinking first. To start, review your talents and begin by answering these questions: 1. Firstly, consider…
broken web links are like broken windows and do nothing for your business reputation

Custom Website Design

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Custom website design, why bother? When there are website templates all over the place why would you need custom website design? VKN Digital explores why bespoke solutions can please customers and even affect sales positively. Firstly, everyone is looking for…
SEO and content marketing in 2018

SEO and content how does it affect blog writing?

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SEO and content go together like peanut butter and bananas Or maybe fish and chips if you like. In the land of content marketing it’s not advisable to write without SEO in the background. On the other hand it’s not…

Instagram for Beginners the low down from experts

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Instagram for Beginners the low down from experts Instagram for beginners can feel very daunting. There are 800 million Instagram users out there so how on earth do you even start to gain traction? If you can’t be bothered to…
Content Marketing and messages appear everywhere

SEO plus Content Marketing means business

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SEO plus Content Marketing is a match made in heaven It’s likely you worry about SEO plus Content Marketing and whether your business is coming up in search If you have a business website you probably fret a lot about…

Direct Mail the antidote to GDPR

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GDPR put you in a spin? Direct Mail will help Direct mail… Ironically, the legislation designed to remove a lot of unwanted email communication has created a lot of unwanted email communication. Many of those GDPR emails you will have…
I need effective SEO for my website

You need Effective SEO for your website in 2018

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I need effective SEO for my website Website owners panic about SEO. How do you make effective SEO for your website? Where do you begin? What happens when you need SEO for your website? Where can you get it?  …
Getting started on Instagram for small businesses

Getting started on Instagram for small businesses

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Starting Instagram for small businesses: Are you having trouble getting started on Instagram? Getting started on Instagram can seem like a daunting task. We get lots of questions regarding Instagram. The biggest question is: how do small businesses get started on…
GDPR Compliance

GDPR and the new business landscape

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The GDPR deadline has come and gone. Some businesses are sitting smug in the knowledge they are all sorted. Others might be hoping they can slip under the radar. Whatever position you find your business in you will be reading…
gmt time to pst