Blog writing is clogging up the Internet’s arteries

‘Infobesity’ is a business killer. Trim down your blogs now!

When we eat, graze and snack on hydrogenated fat our digestions have difficulty processing it. The body cheats, can’t be bothered to sort the chemicals and lays down a little more fat, hoping we won’t notice!

When we produce content marketing blogs that are written without much thought we have a similar effect.  Our business gets clogged up with copy that sits there silently blocking our business. If your blog writing lacks thought, is not informed by data and metrics then read on.

This morning I woke to a Skype message:

Vivienne, I just wondered if I could ask your thoughts on something? I have started paying someone to blog for me but the writing just doesn’t inspire.  What do you think?‘

The message went on to outline the issues and my comments were as follows:

Ways to fail with blog writing strategies

  • The opening lines fail to engage
  • The opening paragraph is waffle. By all means set up a conversation but be quirky, witty, dramatic, lively if you are not presenting your idea immediately.
  • The article doesn’t fit with the title. I have clicked onto a title. I have chosen it out of all the links, titles, searches I could have carried out and you have not delivered. This is disappointing and I’m not likely to give your business a second chance.
  • I’m busy and I’m cross I have wasted time
  • You have not solved my pain point; so therefore I am still in pain and that’s not a good look!
  • I don’t really know who this blog is aimed at? What is its message?

Ways to succeed with a blog writing strategy

  • Blog writing success comes way before you put finger to keyboard. New blog writing goes way beyond conventional planning. Look at the metrics on your site. Segment your audience. Work out what they want. Simplify and deliver one thing well. Then start blog writing for specific people at specific points in their buying/ researching journey.
  • Blogs used to be the panacea. They are a quick way to work on SEO but actually people want answers and they want them now. Any blog and in fact any text you create should have an end user in mind.
  • Pitch to the lowest common denominator. Break down a pain point and explain just how that can be eliminated. You may well be selling a service but everything in your blog will maintain your prospective client’s interest. It should intrigue, delight, scare, pacify and/or inform.

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