Blab you know you want to!

I’ve discovered Blab, another live streaming platform

There’s a particular expression marketers adopt when someone says ‘Have you come across X?’ and you haven’t. There’s a quick dash to Google and hardly breathing you say: ‘Oh the new web chat thing, yeah right.’ It’s not a lie but….you know what I mean!

That’s the crisis for social media and digital marketers things change all the time. So yesterday I owned up and said , ‘No Andy, I have not heard of Blab’ Since that moment I have watched three blabs, participated in one and am blabbing tonight at 7pm GMT on the future of personalisation and the customer experience.

The question I want to ask is why have I resonated with Blab and not Meerkat or Periscope? What was it that allowed the seed to germinate rather than fall on stony ground? I am not yet an evangelist in every sense but I can certainly see the reasons why I should pursue this new platform. Donna Beckett beat me to it but here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Why Blab is useful to individuals, interest groups, business and thought influencers

  1. Last night I watched Ian Cleary interview his mate Mark W Schaefer. I liked the guy I bought the book on Kindle. That all happened within 10 minutes. I also learned stuff about writing content too and the concept of content ignition!
  2. It’s a great place to hunt for leads – yeah, I know, egocentric. But you are dealing with people who have an interest in your niche. Even as collaborators, people who you might promote and who might promote you – it’s grand.
  3. On a Pinterest Blab with Vincent Ng I spent the time typing and contributing. Received a couple of tweets later on thanking me for my participation. I gave much and people get the chance to see someone has skill, insight or knowledge. It all helps with visibility. There’s another one shortly.
    Join Vincent here.
  4. You connect more rapidly when you listen to someone talk and also see their face. It’s like meeting them in real life. It’s the best f2f we can get under the circumstances. It works
  5. It’s easy to set up discussions with anyone. Imagine you are stuck on a problem. Set up a blab and talk to potential colleagues globally. Who knows what might come from that chat over the virtual water cooler.
  6. Use Blab for business, for academic research, for study or a chat – it works on every level. It might be worth setting the peramaters so anyone dropping in won’t feel they are wasting their time if they’re looking for serious and you’re being anything but!
  7. Each blab is a mini conference and the delegates are all ready and willing to connect at the side of the main speakers. Go on give it a go what do you have to lose. Maybe meet you on a blab run by me. I hope so.

Do leave a comment about your Blab experience and let’s connect on this new platform. See you there!

Vivienne Neale Digital Marketer

Vivienne Neale is a digital marketer and strategist with specialisms in Pinterest, apps, personalisation and f  founder of the Digital Think Tank that currently meets on  Skype on a Thursday at 7pm GMT. Contact me here for an  invite

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