About VKN Digital

Digital marketing, content marketing strategy and content creation can be major headaches for business owners. If you’ve been struggling to market your business, product or service effectively, we can help you resolve your issues. We will also advise and/or implement changes to transform how people react to your marketing output.

No doubt you have tried many digital strategists and content writers. Probably you have experimented on various freelance platforms but have never been convinced by digital marketers. Let us assure you: we are different.

This time it’s different.
Why trust us with your Digital Marketing?
By hiring us you will gain trusted digital marketing consultants and highly experienced content writers. We have creative ideas and considerable current knowledge we update constantly. Having worked with countless clients since 2011, we will bring significant examples, knowledge, understanding and creativity to all your marketing campaigns and digital business needs.

What makes us so confident we can help you?

We rely on testimonials from clients who return time and again. Their words prove that what we offer helps them present their businesses professionally, enhances their credibility and grows their business and helps them reach out to prospective customers. You can see some of our many testimonials here.

A Masters degree in Creative Writing and other post grad qualifications means our copy is terse, cogent, lively and engaging for your clients. We have the capacity to turn around work at short notice and will provide strategy, web development and content that is accurate and professional,every single time. We are agile, creative, detailed and communicative. You will never be left in the dark wondering what is happening with your digital marketing. We are almost always available at the end of the phone, by Skype or email.

If you are sceptical, consider how much time and money you have wasted

Yes, how much time have you spent in your search for the right digital marketer and content creator that matches your brand? Think of the damage the wrong tone, alone, can have on your business. Once your potential customer is lost from your landing page they are unlikely to return. Buying bulk, cheap copy that can be rewritten endlessly on every platform is not a smart move. Without care and understanding this is the way to wreck a business. It will alienate potential customers on social media too. Does your current content marketer truly understand the buyer journey? Are they creating the right content for the right stage? We always do this.

If you need someone  you can trust implicitly, that never fails a deadline and  will get you closer to your digital marketing goals then Vivienne K Neale digital marketing consultancy is your next move. So contact us right here to transform all aspects of your digital marketing. If others say it can’t be done We’ll find a way to do it for you better than you might have dared hope.If your needs are multi-faceted or particularly complex we are an experienced team that will help, advise and complete your project on budget and on time. We are all looking forward to working with you very soon.

Digital Strategy100%
Multi Channel Branding90%
Content Marketing95%
Social Media90%
Videos and Infographics75%
Creat Work Earn Front Cover