Vivienne Neale is a content marketing professional and strategist

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I’m Vivienne Kate Neale


Vivienne K Neale Digital is headed up by Vivienne Neale MA. AS CMO for a number of companies her passions and interests include: content marketing, data analytics, change management and innovation. Her passion is for disruption, change and creativity. She is a great believer in the adage: ‘If you don’t disrupt your market someone else will.’

Therefore part of Vivienne’s working week is spent analysing and researching change and the impact of technology on customer journeys. You can rely on Vivienne to offer the latest information regarding digital marketing and not just rely on practices that quickly exceed their sell by date. She trains regularly and recent courses undertaken include: Google Squared and the Academy of Digital Business Leaders. Working in a fast paced ever-changing environment, keeping ahead of the game is what Vivienne K Neale Digital is all about. She uses her expertise, knowledge and vast experience to help grow your business making great use of team members to suit your needs.

Current clients include: The Institute of Maths, Reappraise, No Agent, Techventures. London, SO ME Academy and EDIT Digital.

Past clients include: Future Lighting, Jackson Fire & Security, LawHound, Habitat West, AromaWorks, the Consevatory Studio.