8 twitter tips for business

Being an early adopter can be fab

Everything is a big experiment. It is exciting and potentially could lead anywhere. That’s why you choose a stupid twitter handle like @supposeiam because it’s all a laugh and it won’t last right? Er, wrong.

I didn’t really ‘get’ twitter initially and I hang my head in shame!

On the other hand lack of commitment and sufficient farsightedness to stick with something can mean you drop off your perch quickly. I did that on twitter. I just didn’t really get it. I felt weird tweeting something to well, seemingly no one.  Then I wondered why anyone across the continents would want to follow me; it felt creepy. Now I am writing twitter tips!

I stopped tweeting

I had made up my mind it was pointless and didn’t mind airing my opinion.

‘Oh twitter is for people who have nothing better to do. ‘

‘Twitter, it’s for the me, me, me generation.’

You know the kind of conversation. But I knew this wasn’t right and having watched the bus pull off down the road it was a massive sprint to catch it up at the next stop. I was almost left behind. By the time I arrived again it felt like coming back to a quaint fishing village that had been transformed to a full-on tourist resort with skyscrapers. I didn’t recognise it.

So where are we now with twitter?

Well, twitter is now a big player in business marketing. Some suggest it is for established brands.  For me, that depends what kind of community you are targeting. That’s why I wrote these 8 twitter tips. You can read my blog about targeting different groups at the academy. Brands have actually found twitter to be useful  for leads. Hubspot stated:

[Tweet “In 2013, 36% of SMBs attracted a customer from their Twitter marketing campaigns.Hubspot”]

Therefore companies consider twitter as the place to generate site traffic and customers. That means twitter communication and interaction become more significant and develops more relevance and meaning to both customers and companies alike.

Interestingly [Tweet “it appears there are double the number of people reading than producing tweets.”] When you consider 1 billion are tweeted every 48 hours it gives you some size of scale. So what’s the take away here:

Vivienne Neale tweet writer

8 twitter tips to consider when using twitter for business purposes

  1. [Tweet “What you say, how you interact, the quality and frequency of tweets requires a strategy.”]
  2. Using a content writer to help you create tweets is a smart move.
  3. Use of language must be flexible and agile to create leverage in fewer than 140 characters
  4. See your tweets as calling cards dropping from the ether, you have a millisecond to create engagement.
  5. You’ll be tweeting to people who already know about you, so tweet  something fresh and provocative.
  6. You can try to launch a service on twitter but research shows established brands do better.
  7. [Tweet “If you’re new to twitter create a really niche set of followers and be ruthless in your selection.”]
  8. It pays to contact an experienced twitter content writer to help you develop your tweet strategy.

Luckily you’ve found one right here . For more twitter training do check out Leadamo Social Media Academy.

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