7 Growth Hacks: Skills I Learned Co-writing A Marketing Course

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As a digital marketer, I am in danger of disappearing into my own little world. Why? It’s basically because I am so immersed in what I do that I think everyone has the same knowledge as I do. I am guilty of being ‘one of those’ and using abbreviations and acronyms people just don’t understand.

In fact, I can honestly say that sometimes when you speak to clients they become a little aggressive, and I realise this may be due to the fact that they haven’t realises just how much they don’t know. Also it’s the realisation that they are going to have to rely on a marketer AND pay them on an ongoing basis. It’s quite a relationship, a huge investment and I do completely understand. I just hope that these frustrated clients also understand how completely necessary a digital presence is for any kind of business.

So, having been pondering these things I was delighted to receive a call last week from Calum Brannan – the Forbes listed, Dow Jones “One to Watch,” and founder and CEO of No Agent. He asked me to help him write a growth hacking course at break neck speed. We’ve worked together at the SoMe Academy and run a Facebook Group called the Growth Hacking and Social Media Professionals; so this is not an unusual request.

Therefore I was delighted to put my weekend on hold and start writing. Maybe not delighted, but hey I do what I do!

So which growth hacks did I learn from?

For too long growth hacking has been regarded as a dark art, when in reality it should be accessible to as many as people as possible. Therefore, I thought it was time to spill the beans and create an easy to follow course that can have a positive impact for everyone – quite a few things as it happens. So let me share just a few of them with you.

#1. Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to stay on top of your marketing whether you are a professional or someone who runs a business is to keep studying. No matter what you know it is never enough. Whatever you think is new, mark my words there’s always something that is hot off the press. With a little bit of searching, you can find excellent courses from professionals to help your business grow.

#2. Speak Up!

Don’t be afraid to ask the ‘dumbest’ question like ‘WTF is growth hacking? ’ because you can bet your life there are many people very glad that you did just that as they didn’t know what it was either. There is no shame in asking for a little help, especially if marketing is not your day job. You will be shocked to see how much of a difference a little outside perspective might make.

#3. Find Your Willingness

If you’ve heard growth hacking banded about and wondered what relevance it has to you then let me tell you: ‘it’s a mindset, a philosophy, a way of life. If you want to grow your business you need to be prepared to change just about everything you do. Always be on the lookout for more information to help make your way to center stage. Don’t be afraid to start small. For example, this Entrepreneur article is growth hacking 101.

#4. Look For New Places To Be Online

If you’ve also heard the phrase omnichannel and have chosen to ignore it then shame on you! Joining up everything you do is imperative. Always be looking for trends, hashtags and major digital events to be a part of. For example, we are selling the “WTF is Growth Hacking?” course on Udemy and launching on the 24th November. We use our Facebook Group to announce its arrival by video and a raft of other initiatives will follow once the course is actually released.

#5. Build A Team

We’ve found so many cool tricks and tips that it’s hard to know where to start. One that I particularly like is collaboration. I would suggest that you find businesses within your broad niche and work with them. You can drive traffic to one another’s websites. You can do it as a mutual favour or set up an affiliate advertising contract. Offer guest posts to other sellers in your Etsy group for example. If you sell painted scarves and someone else makes earrings, handmade candles or dried flower garlands then it’s likely that the audience would be interested in all of these. Club together, create a joint newsletter, feature each other’s products. Join together and form a joint ‘Handmade’ Facebook Group. This is just the start

#6. Follow Through

Make your content work harder. Don’t just be content to post once a month and hope for the best. You could employ content cliffhanger techniques where you advertise 100 growth hacks and offer 50. People need to send their email address to get the other 50. It’s an idea, sometimes it’s not so shareworthy when it’s done this way, but you could experiment. Look for ways to connect on a personal level, trade information for value and become indispensable to your customer demographic. This my friend is the secret to success.

#7. Think Like A Customer

If you haven’t heard of Optimonk you have now. It’s a pop up basically and is behaviour-based. So you can see the options of visitors and their behaviour and create pop ups to hit them up depending on what they do. Think about if they are in your shopping cart and are pondering whether to hit buy or not. You could create something that helps to cement the deal. This is one example of thinking as your customers do, but there are many many more. Pretend you are an outsider: How would you feel? What do you need? What solutions are just ahead in the horizon?

If you are struggling to grow your business and are feeling a bit apprehensive about what comes next, then I suggest you might well be just the right person to benefit from this course!

Hook Up With New Hacks

So to get started, ask to join the Growth Hacking and Social Media Professionals Facebook Group. That way you’ll get a chance to ask some questions and get answers from practising professionals, but also you can grab a special voucher to access our brand new course for just $5 – which is practically free. We love what we do and, even more, we love when it’s shared. This is precisely why we wanted to make the course accessible to everyone who is interested (hence the 5 dollar price tag).

Meanwhile if you are struggling to get traction, need help with marketing strategy or feel like your social media management is falling flat, then contact us immediately. Call at 0203 633 0618, follow me on Twitter @supposeiam or join me on Growth Hacking and Social Media Professionals Facebook Group.

Happy growth hacking!

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