Good morning!

 It’s cool and bright at the writer’s retreat – the poppies have vanished more’s the pity, the peach tree top collapsed under the weight of peaches in the middle of the night and I think there’s a metaphor hidden in amongst that lol!

Here are the next few items in the creative things to do top 101 series. If you only pick one then I hope you have some fun or it’s productive for you. The whole point is just to do some small activities that might prompt a paragraph or two and who knows it might wind up being the beginning of something you could have never anticipated.

See you tomorrow!

The next few in the series!

11.  Pick something up on your travels through the day, maybe a stone, a leaflet, a ticket. Use Googlemaps or Google images to find pictures of places you have been or take photos yourself. At the end of the day put the bits together to make a collage – photograph it and begin keeping a day book.

12. Choose a photo and make it into a cartoon image on the internet. Use this character to explore changes you would like to make in your life. Put them into scenarios and see how they react. Interview them if you like and see what they have to say.

13. Buy a few packets of seeds – mix them up and scatter them in an unloved area. Carry a bottle of tap water with you so when you pass you can give them a drink and see what happens.

14. Learn to say an important sentence in as many languages as you can find.  What do you notice about the words?

15. Write something and then using Google Translate – translate it – then translate it into another language then translate it into your own language and consider the changes

16. Imagine waking up and being your favourite comic book hero. Describe your day.

17. Choose a word to describe every hour that has passed as it passes. Have a look at your day and see where that information takes you.

18. Whatever you eat today try to describe the taste exactly. If you can’t, ask yourself, should you be eating it? Lol

19. Open a technical manual or look through technical website, choose ten phrases of technical jargon and use them in a piece of creative writing.

20. Photograph a journey you make during the day. Put the photos on the computer and see what you notice that perhaps you haven’t seen before. How might you use the information?

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