Well I hope you find something that floats your boat – even the craziest idea can start a thought process and remember we often resist the thing we need most!

Painting an interior in France thanks to Muta for being the ultimate stylist

Happy days….see you tomorrow..please say hello – especially if you read this in Uzbekistan 🙂

21. List ten images or provocative thoughts that could end a novel – you never know they might prompt you to write the rest.

22. Remember your favourite view – describe it from a character’s perspective who has just received some good news. Then write the description again from the perspective of someone who has received bad news.

23. Find or buy a magnifying glass and go exploring.

24. Photograph every example of where rocks or stone is used- create a gallery of pictures.

25. Bake some bread, kneading the dough by hand.

26. Fill in an imaginary form for a character, then add some interesting questions and see how your character answers them.

27. Using your non dominant hand write a paragraph about how you are feeling

28. In one minute write as many things you can about the phrase: ‘The Tipping point.

29. Open up your favourite book and choose a line from it – use this as a prompt for writing.

30. Look on line at ‘interiors’ – choose one and draw it, make sure you change one aspect completely.


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