I have been trawling around the internet and reading about creativity and I came across this:
‘What is creativity exactly you ask? This is a question that has oft been asked. We, at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, hope that this section of our site helps to answer that question.

In search of one definition a man name Mel Rhodes (1961) determined that creativity was better defined through a system of four Ps; the creative Person, Process, Press (environment), and the creative Product.

Later, an early pioneer in the field and a mathematician, Ruth Noller, developed this elegant equation:

Creativity equals the function of an attitude multiplied by knowledge, imagination, and evaluation. C=fa(KIE)

The most widely used working definition within the field is “novel and useful” or in other words, the production of original ideas that serve a purpose.’

I thought this was interesting and seemed to tap straight into the notion that journal writing undoubtedly has a profound impact on creativity. Certainly if you keep a daily journal the knowledge and evaluation you can bring to your own sense of self, the importance and development of your own creative practice is profound.

creative person before. It has only really been since I have been journal writing that it has all become much clearer. The process works on so many levels. Journaling allows me to moan like crazy without anyone judging some of the crazy things I say, except myself of course; I have the opportunity to try out ideas and consider what they might sound like and often just through the act of writing first thing in the morning I come up with all kinds of concepts for writing. It also promotes the act of self evaluation and self knowledge which is so important and can often be underestimated in the rush and tear of daily life.

Through this understanding I now see what motivates, what frustrates, what is important and what needs to be left behind. It works is so illuminating and certainly I have never written so much and certainly not so regularly. Just the act of getting up to do my morning pages is a discipline in itself; it’s a statement that says, ‘This is an important time for me and is necessary for my development.’ It has become a valued ritual in my life.

But today, I am writing this at the airport and it’s five in the morning and I will not write my journal and it’s the first time for as long as I can remember. This feels strange so I will compensate by writing this blog. In fact I have had to leave it behind at the retreat as hand luggage only does not allow for many possessions and the computer had to take precedence this time. I feel rather strange knowing I am going to have a four day break.

I don’t know whether my original ideas serve a purpose, but in terms of being a more fulfilled individual with my own sense of purpose then I have to say being creative is one of the profound joys of being alive. I also enjoy watching others relax and become visibly happier after a few days at the retreat as they begin to devote quality time to what matters. You should think about it!

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