My favourite place to meditate outside the writing retreat and it’s just a fifteen minute walk away

and will be the cover of my new novel when it’s finished!

Ideas 1-10

  • Take a photo of the same thing/place/person/animal whatever, you choose, every day and analyse the results as the days pass. What differences can you notice?
  • Sit in the same place every day for fifteen minutes and watch, listen, smell. Write down your observations and how you feel. You may possibly be able to use this for a creative piece as your stash of data grows.
  • Decide on a ten point list every day to work on when you are waiting, travelling etc. Lists like: 10 things I would do if I had to spend all the money I have in the world today; 10 things I wish I had done and will now attempt to do; 10 important people to whom I should send a postcard; 10 best opening sentences in novels; 10 best paintings ever; 10 favourite places to be. 10 things I could do to treat myself without spending any money at all. They can elicit all kinds of ideas, memories, things to do and potential written pieces.
  • Pick a text message from your phone and use that as a starting point for a piece of writing or a drawing.
  • Look through a library book or any book you own which you know has pencil annotations in the margin. Use those as a found prompt for a piece of writing.
  • Check out the song title list on a CD and choose five titles, work them into a writing exercise or use them as a title for a /sketch or painting.
  • Read the ingredients list on a food  label either use that or the country of origin as a starting point for research or a written exercise which may lead you somewhere.
  • Find a bottle and fill it with water, use ink or paint and drop colour into the water – describe or photograph the results.
  • Lie down and listen to one piece of music with lyrics. Choose one line and use it to start a piece of stream of consciousness writing.
  • Find a foreign language phrase book and choose ten phrases and use them to create a short story.
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