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Facebook's new features: UK pounds

Facebook’s new features – who’s paying for them? You are.

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Any brand on Facebook will tell you that their organic reach has declined dramatically over the last few years. The cynics among us – myself included – tie this News Feed algorithm change to Facebook’s ever-increasing profits. After all, in…
VKN Digital blog roundup for February

VKN Digital Blog: Our Top Blog Posts For February

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February was a busy month at VKN Digital – not that we’re complaining! We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great new clients throughout February and we’ve been continuing a number of projects with our existing clients as well. Our…

Snapchat Marketing: Add Some Spice To Your Digital Strategy

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The value of Snapchat marketing often gets dismissed or overlooked by businesses. Many organisations are yet to discover what makes it unique. With more than 150 million daily users, and many of them millennials, Snapchat is growing fast. If your…
writers typing on computer

Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time

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Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…
Websites - infographic about website housekeeping

Websites Are Your Shop Window: How To Keep Them Looking Their Best – Infographic

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Think of your website as a shop window for your business. You want it to look its best. It should be easy to find, it should dazzle and attract attention for all the right reasons and it should showcase the…
Content Strategy: volume control

Creating A Content Strategy: Say It Loud (But Get It Right)

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In our previous post, we discussed why your business needs to spend time creating a content strategy. We looked at the importance of establishing measurable goals and working out who your audience is and should be. Now comes the next,…
Content strategy: road stretching into the distance

Content Strategy: Yes, Your Business Needs One

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A content strategy is vital if your business has a blog or creates web content. Don’t be put off by the phrase content strategy, essentially it’s just a plan to help you frame the work you’re doing and pin it down…

Local Content Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

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We know content marketing is powerful but with Google’s latest algorithm change local content marketing is the real winner. Here’s why. You may not have the marketing power of big brands but people tend to favour local search results. This gives local businesses,…
Is your content marketing roaring or yawning?

Content Marketing Mistakes are costly

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9 things you should do with your content marketing.   . It’s not something you can churn out and publish. It’s not as simple as that. This point underpins all your content marketing efforts. 1.Content marketing needs to have a…
bad content marketing strategy

Content marketing is not a licence to create

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A writing licence doesn’t qualify you to drive a content HGV!     In general, there’s still not enough thought and strategy going into content marketing. Think for a moment. How do you plan your content marketing strategy? Do you even…