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Pinterest is important. Have you got Pinterest back up? Thought not, so read on

Pinterest is a part of my life both professionally and personally. I often recommend this platform for businesses large and small. With some canny strategic marketing strategies excellent long term exposure is almost guaranteed. Pinterest is after all, so important as you can see from this infographic extract. There is a kind of reliance on Pinterest already. Piqora commissioned a report that found visits per pin had exploded in the first 6 months of 2014. They were up by a staggering 172% and ad page views per pin had increased by 300%. You can find some great Pinterest tips right here from Piqora

Pinterest is so flexible

It’s been a real eye-opener to see what truly creative and informative pins are uploaded every second of every day. However, with Facebook’s move to a less user friendly ‘pay to play’ model many marketers are feeling it is unwise to plant your apple trees in someone else’s orchard. What that means is that we all need to take care of our content wherever it is. We all have to realise the reason why we can claim space and features on any platform is we give up our rights to companies to mine our data. We may feel our Pinterest boards are precious but ultimately they don’t belong to us. Therefore a Pinterest back up system is vital Vivienne Neale evaluates pin4ever.

This is one of the reasons I was so excited to come across Pin4ever

I remember feeling the same creative surge when I was first invited to join Pinterest. From the moment I saw the platform I could see its potential. It appealed to my innate need to organize, collect and look through my creative curation. Hell, I have been doing the same kind of thing all my life. I was always clipping recipes, gardening ideas, interior inspiration and creating mood boards. I am a writer and an artist it’s something that’s second nature. With pin4ever as my Pinterest back up system I felt much better.

So the people at Pin4ever really get that vibe

They have  created  a way to organize your pins in another way and I adore it. What’s the deal? Well first off you can back up your pins. Have you ever thought what would happen if your account was corrupted, hacked or simply disappeared. Yes, Pin4ever is your Pinterest insurance policy, your Pinterest back up so make use of it. For this alone it’s really welcome.

Even more exciting is that you can re-organise your pins

Huh, as if we don’t spend enough time fiddling with Pinterest already! Seriously, this is one smart set of  tools. In addition you can search your pins and that throws up some fascinating boards. The founder Christina Mendoza really gets what Pinterest represents. When I discovered Pinterest in early 2012, I saw so many possibilities, and soon had dozens of boards for recipes, crafts, parenting tips, and more. Then I read that Pinterest might be shut down over copyright issues, and also that some people had had their accounts hacked and boards deleted. I didn’t want to lose my pins, so I partnered with my programmer hubby to create Pin4Ever backups. Over time, we’ve added more tools that we think pinners will enjoy. I know I love them, and use them all the time!

Your boards on Pin4ever are set against cork boards and pinned with old fashioned pins

You can see them all as if they were the traditional clippings; this appealed. With a search, you have different images thrown up you may have forgotten and by putting in different searches you can create different boards. Here you can see the pictures and all the stats too. You can get to see what worked well and even analyse the type of text you used. What is it about the text and the image combination that fired people’s imaginations? If you don’t take time to analyse the success of any social media strategy then you could be wasting valuable time. With Pinterest back up aperformed by this platform then it’s so easy to evaluate what you have done so far.

The Powertools are also a really great addition to the Pinterest experience

You can choose how your boards look from a choice of classic, stickies, cork board and photo album. This adds another dimension to the whole Pinterest experience.

A guide to Pin4ever’s  tools and toolbar here.

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