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Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time
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Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…
Content strategy: road stretching into the distance
Content Strategy: Yes, Your Business Needs One
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A content strategy is vital if your business has a blog or creates web content. Don’t be put off by the phrase content strategy, essentially it’s just a plan to help you frame the work you’re doing and pin it down…
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“How I went from writing freelance articles for £6 to running my own company” Vivienne’s story
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“When people say I can’t do something, for me it’s like a red rag to a bull,” says Vivienne. “It just gets me going. I can’t help but think, you just watch me.” Resilience and patience are important It’s this…
Is Commercial Writing a Career Option for You?
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Would you like to be a commercial writer? We hope these top tips will help you on your way 🙂 If you’ve toyed with the idea of earning a living through your creativity you may well have dismissed the thought as a…
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Writing great content-the answer is here
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This is for you if you answer yes to any of the following content gripes below   Are you a small business with a blog but just aren’t writing great content? Do you feel that although content is king  it…
LinkedIn Groups are such valuable resources says Vivienne Neale
CV Writing CV Updates Do It!
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CV updates? Erm…     A client asked me for a CV out of the blue last week. I have to admit I’ve been too busy working to think about updating it. With some dismay I realized this important document…
Freelance writing gigs can be so undervalued
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Freelance writing? Who needs it? If you have lots of techie equipment it’s easier  to justify higher rates I guess. You can be impressive with photographic equipment. You can be awe-inspiring with a list of high profile clients and a…
Use The Power Of Now To Create Your Own Writing Retreat
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‘You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.’ Isak Dinesen If anyone has ever read ‘The Power of Now’, the author, Erckhart Tolle encourages the reader to stop for a moment and decide exactly…
Queen Victoria’s Journals Are Published
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It’s interesting  Queen Victoria’s journals have been made available on line for the first time. I’m really not sure what I would think if someone got hold of mine and published them. Still, I suppose if you have been dead…
Authorative Discourse Over Dinner At a Writing Retreat
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We all possess a voice that has been internalised. This probably happened a very long time ago and you can probably remember very clearly what those voices said to you. ‘You can’t do that; no one in our family has…