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Marketing Thought Leaders: sheep
Thought Leaders Definitely Worth Following on Twitter
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  We enjoy spreading the love far and wide across the Twittersphere! Twitter’s a great place to rub shoulders with greatness, and we’re proud to be connected to such an inspiring bunch of marketing thought leaders who consistently post useful,…
Regulation, Stagnation: Is Twitter On The Way Out?
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Social media has come of age. The space that Twitter occupies within the world has fundamentally changed. I remember joining the micro-blogging site eight years ago and at the time, I was honestly wondering what its purpose might be. My…
Donald Trump Andy Warhol style
Digital Marketing In A Post-Truth World
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It’s said that we’re living in a post-truth world. But what does that mean for the world of digital marketing? During the lead up to the Brexit referendum, when Conservative MP Michael Gove uttered those now-famous words: “people in this country…
mediumism, marketing
Thoughts on Mediumism… and why it fails
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Someone once told me that marketing has changed more in the past 5 years than the 50 years before that. They were right. Digital transformation was birthed due to unprecedented developments in consumer-based technology. The classic notion that ‘bigger is…
Is Commercial Writing a Career Option for You?
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Would you like to be a commercial writer? We hope these top tips will help you on your way 🙂 If you’ve toyed with the idea of earning a living through your creativity you may well have dismissed the thought as a…
brian solis, interview, wtm London
BRIAN SOLIS interview – an unexpected surprise!
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It all started with a Tweet. A casual, fairly absent-minded Tweet typed in about 5 seconds flat. On the eve of US election day and the World Travel Market conference, where he was due to deliver a keynote speech on his…
competitive advantage, chess board
Traditional Competitive Advantage is Dead. So Live with it.
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Tech has overturned attitudes to competitive advantage, so what are you doing about it? We all know tech is the most pressing factor across every business sector. The thing that really causes concern is the accelerated rate of change we…
what is trolling, troll face
Flaming and Trolling: Pointless Slurs or Free Speech?
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What is trolling? What is flaming? Is there a difference? Probably not, but that’s not the point. What’s significant is that the practice is crude, malicious and categorically not constructive. For those of you who either don’t know or need…
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What determines shareable content? Emotion or good SEO?
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These days, being a great content writer is quite simply not enough. Not only must we write compelling and relevant content, but we must now also ensure we write shareable content. If we don’t, all our hard work will be for…
Thought leadership requires the help of an octopus
Thought leadership Passle removes the hassle
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Thought leadership is something we all want but it takes time. To be a thought leader or influencer in a specific niche or sector  is a valid ambition for a number of important reasons. The problem is this ambition requires research…