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Twitter may be losing the race
Twitter’s wings have been clipped
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Twitter is still my 'go to' social media platform. I’ve invested so much time on Twitter I’d feel lost without it. I started tweeting in 2009 and already felt I had missed the boat and was a late adopter! I…
Social media and politics
Should social media scare us?
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Do you dare pin your colours to the mast?     In the wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris, social media has also been in the news. Inevitably its duality as both medium and message is under scrutiny. Facebook…
Savvy freelancers should utilise 10 social media tips
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Savvy freelancers take note this is your business at stake.   Planning social media for others doesn’t make me good at managing my own freelancer journey. Why? I don’t have much  time. That is the irony. Neither do my clients,…
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Tweets what makes them irresistible?
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What tweets prompt engagement?   When you turn around and your twitter feed states: ‘ 2652 new tweets’ what kind of tweet could possibly catch your eye? We can all say: news, special offers, discounts, pictures of cats, steamy couples…
Struggling with social media platforms?
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Social media platforms have interesting forums. Social media platforms are fantastic resources. They can, of course feel depressing too, when you feel you are getting no response. However there’s usually a very good reason for that. In my opinion  we all…
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Social Media content writers are vital
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Social media content writing and School English? What’s the connection?   School English lessons seem like a million years ago featuring somewhere low down in the stratigraphy of my writing life. Spending endless time working on summary skills was not…
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Multi-directional marketing using Twitter
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Vivienne Neale is a social media manager   Multi-directional Marketing turns advertising on its head. Social media has made sure of that.  people are turning to Twitter and facebook et al to put a name, face and opinion to the…