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A Nice Set Of Pins: A Beginners Guide To Pinterest Advertising
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It’s no secret – we adore Pinterest. It’s the ideal combination of discovery, aspiration and eye candy, and it’s certainly come a long way since we first fell in love with it back in 2010. If you’ve ever kept a…
UK Pinterest Management Services
UK Pinterest Management Services 2016
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UK Pinterest Management Services includes more than pinning   Our UK Pinterest Management Services were featured in The London Evening Standard a few months ago. They included it under the title: Odd jobs: the online careers you never knew existed. The…
Encourage more pins on Pinterest with Pinterest management services
Pinterest Management Services will increase impact
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Pinterest is for life not just for a campaign   Pinterest management services will save you time and keep you up to date with developments. For example, meet Pinterest’s new visual search tool. It will impact on consumers’ initial moments…
The best ever Pinterest advice for business.
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Why pinning bad product pics is a mistake   Pinterest uptake in Europe is slow. Strange really, when it has romped home in the US. According to Pew research (thank you, guys) 28% of all adults in the US are…
Pinterest do not underestimate its power
Use Pinterest for your business 2015
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Last year I ran a special, one-day-only course called “Vivienne Neale’s Use Pinterest for your business in 2015” at The British Library. It was a Stage 1 Beginner class which covered the essentials of this successful social media platform.  All…
Pinterest, men and aspiration explored.
Pinterest wannabes market to them.
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This is not a Pinterest article stuffed full of stats. It’s a passionate plea to improve your profile, descriptions and links.   What do you notice on people’s Pinterest boards? Think about it. Pinterest taps into our fundamental collecting instinct.…
Pinterest in your marketing mix 2015
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Why use Pinterest in your marketing mix 2015?   Use Pinterest in your marketing mix 2015 I love Pinterest and have seen a rise in people looking to use my Pinterest management services. Why? For many reasons. Let’s look at…
Pinterest Rich pins - use them now!
Pinterest rich pins boost business
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 If you’re not using  Pinterest Rich pins then its time to begin   Pinterest is continuously looking for new ways to develop features to help businesses . One of the later additions are Pinterest Rich Pins. These pins, also known…
Pinterest Queen Vivienne KNeale manages Pinterest for businesses
Pinterest Queen -Vivienne K Neale
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Vivienne K Neale – The Pinterest Queen     Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that you may have heard about and know roughly what it is. Perhaps you don’t really know exactly how to use it to…
Make a splash on Pinterest
Pinterest ROI how to measure it
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Pinterest Analytics   Anyone who has read my blogs will know I am a real advocate of Pinterest. I have waxed lyrical about it, yes. Yet I have never delved into the question of Pinterest analytics. At least not in…