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BRIAN SOLIS interview – an unexpected surprise!
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It all started with a Tweet. A casual, fairly absent-minded Tweet typed in about 5 seconds flat. On the eve of US election day and the World Travel Market conference, where he was due to deliver a keynote speech on his…
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Traditional Competitive Advantage is Dead. So Live with it.
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Tech has overturned attitudes to competitive advantage, so what are you doing about it? We all know tech is the most pressing factor across every business sector. The thing that really causes concern is the accelerated rate of change we…
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Counter Brexit Creatively in your business
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If you are reading this and feeling despondent after the UK’s vote to leave the EU last week, it’s time to take action. There’s no time like the present to counteract what is happening economically. There could be business positives to…
Who is innovating in your company?
Chief Innovation Officer can cut costs and wasted time
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Why Research and a Chief Innovation Officer or Interim Innovation Manager matters to your company, business or startup.     Epistemologies or systems of knowledge are changing. One problem is how to keep up with the avalanche of articles, ideas…