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SEO: Computer with Google search on the screen
An Introduction To SEO: Without It, How Will Anyone Find You Online?
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The world of Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is forever changing and being such a large subject, some businesses can find themselves somewhat paralysed, unsure of where to begin. That said, SEO is certainly too big and important…
LinkedIn Prompts
LinkedIn Prompts: Are They Stifling Your Networking Capacity? – Infographic
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LinkedIn Prompts: what do you think about them? When you receive a generic email that reads: “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn professional network,” or “Congratulations on your work anniversary. Hope you’re doing well,” how does it make…
VKN Digital blog roundup for February
VKN Digital Blog: Our Top Blog Posts For February
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February was a busy month at VKN Digital – not that we’re complaining! We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great new clients throughout February and we’ve been continuing a number of projects with our existing clients as well. Our…
Mobile-friendly websites - essential in today's business world
Mobile-Friendly Websites: Because You’re Probably Reading This On a Mobile Device
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These days, about 60% of web search traffic originates from a tablet or mobile device. By not optimising your site for mobile devices, you’re not only creating a poor first impression for mobile users, but you could also be losing…
writers typing on computer
Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time
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Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…
Donald Trump Andy Warhol style
Digital Marketing In A Post-Truth World
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It’s said that we’re living in a post-truth world. But what does that mean for the world of digital marketing? During the lead up to the Brexit referendum, when Conservative MP Michael Gove uttered those now-famous words: “people in this country…
dan lyons disrupted book review
Disrupted: Ludicrous Misadventures in the Tech Startup Bubble by Dan Lyons – Review
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Brian Solis, one of Digital’s most recognised thought leaders, recommended “Disrupted: Ludicrous Misadventures in the Tech Startup Bubble” by Dan Lyons as a great read. Now, you may not know this but in our office Brian Solis is THE man. It’s…
snapchat for business
How to Use Snapchat for Business: 5 Marketing Secrets
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Despite its unwavering popularity, Snapchat continues to be the social network that many small businesses endeavour to avoid. Why? One social network too many, perhaps? Is it because Snapchat for business just ‘doesn’t work’? Or is it simply due to the fact…
competitive advantage, chess board
Traditional Competitive Advantage is Dead. So Live with it.
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Tech has overturned attitudes to competitive advantage, so what are you doing about it? We all know tech is the most pressing factor across every business sector. The thing that really causes concern is the accelerated rate of change we…
Snapchat and coffee a smart marketing move
5 Reasons Snapchat is the BEST Social Media Tool for a Small Business
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Snapchat. Have you noticed it’s taking over the globe? During my summer in London, I set out to explore what the city had to offer. When you walk under the sun, you sweat, and when that happens the smart decision is…