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Creativity & criticism is vital for business
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Creativity & criticism are considered to be frightening concepts     In fact, imagination frightens us too. We think it’s fragile and will disappear in a moment. This is so far from the truth. My life has been spent creating…
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Content given away for free? Are you crazy?
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What makes someone feel they want to pay you for content? What has copyright got to do with content providers anyway? It’s interesting. I joined Pixabay some time ago and was impressed by the general quality of free images on…
Set Up Your Own Writing Retreat In Your Head And Improve Your Creativity
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I have been continuing to read Peter Ackroyd’s biography of  TS Eliot and it really is affecting my world picture. What has been on my mind recently I grew up believing the whole patriarchal concept of ‘genius’  and felt very strongly that The Wasteland was…
Protect your creativity today! Shrugging off negativity or a sense of inadequacy
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How do we protect our creativity and should we nurture this important sense of self? We should not be afraid of the past and as ‘creatives’ we cannot afford to be overawed by the back catalogue of other people’s creativity. If we…