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“How I went from writing freelance articles for £6 to running my own company” Vivienne’s story
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“When people say I can’t do something, for me it’s like a red rag to a bull,” says Vivienne. “It just gets me going. I can’t help but think, you just watch me.” Resilience and patience are important It’s this…
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Bringing Blog Posts to Life with FotoJet!
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At VKN Digital we have been trialling Fotojet photo editor. Three of us in the office have been using it and even our graphic designer has taken a look. In short, we love it, and we’d like to tell you…
Is Commercial Writing a Career Option for You?
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Would you like to be a commercial writer? We hope these top tips will help you on your way 🙂 If you’ve toyed with the idea of earning a living through your creativity you may well have dismissed the thought as a…
Creativity & criticism is vital for business
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Creativity & criticism are considered to be frightening concepts     In fact, imagination frightens us too. We think it’s fragile and will disappear in a moment. This is so far from the truth. My life has been spent creating…
Vaguely Creative Things To Try 11-20
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Good morning!  It’s cool and bright at the writer’s retreat – the poppies have vanished more’s the pity, the peach tree top collapsed under the weight of peaches in the middle of the night and I think there’s a metaphor…
Relaxation, Creativity And The Importance Of Journal Writing At A Writing Retreat
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I have been trawling around the internet and reading about creativity and I came across this: ‘What is creativity exactly you ask? This is a question that has oft been asked. We, at the International Center for Studies in Creativity,…
101 Vaguely Creative Things To Fuel Your Creativity Part 1
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My favourite place to meditate outside the writing retreat and it’s just a fifteen minute walk away and will be the cover of my new novel when it’s finished! Ideas 1-10 Take a photo of the same thing/place/person/animal whatever, you choose, every…
Alice: “Have a cup of tea,” indeed! Well I’m sorry, but I just haven’t the time!’ Alice In Wonderland
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How our perceived sense of time can rob us of the opportunity to create view of poppies from the writing retreat in Central Portugal I find I have regulated my life to the church clock which is up the hill…
Retreating into one’s self and experience
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Gillian Clarke said in her book ‘At the Source’: ‘Writing is informed by the whole self and the whole life lived.’ It’s a topic that is debated time and again at the writers retreat. What we see, hear, feel, touch, experience…
DVTs Forget creative flow think about blood flow
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Occupational Hazards when Writing I am going to write this blog although I can’t say it is something that makes me feel jolly, but it is necessary nevertheless. The topic today is DVT or deep vein thrombosis, cheerful huh? Yet…