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Native Advertising: Native American
Native Advertising: Why You Need To Get Onboard And Do It Now
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The average click-through rate on banner ads is down to 0.06%. Ad blockers and banner blindness are on the rise. Native advertising is emerging as a win-win situation for both digital marketers and web users alike. It’s about marketing content that…
VKN Digital blog roundup for February
VKN Digital Blog: Our Top Blog Posts For February
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February was a busy month at VKN Digital – not that we’re complaining! We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great new clients throughout February and we’ve been continuing a number of projects with our existing clients as well. Our…
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Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time
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Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…
Content Strategy: volume control
Creating A Content Strategy: Say It Loud (But Get It Right)
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In our previous post, we discussed why your business needs to spend time creating a content strategy. We looked at the importance of establishing measurable goals and working out who your audience is and should be. Now comes the next,…
Content strategy: road stretching into the distance
Content Strategy: Yes, Your Business Needs One
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A content strategy is vital if your business has a blog or creates web content. Don’t be put off by the phrase content strategy, essentially it’s just a plan to help you frame the work you’re doing and pin it down…
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“How I went from writing freelance articles for £6 to running my own company” Vivienne’s story
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“When people say I can’t do something, for me it’s like a red rag to a bull,” says Vivienne. “It just gets me going. I can’t help but think, you just watch me.” Resilience and patience are important It’s this…
digital content in 2017, speech bubbles
How will digital content look in 2017?
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How will digital content look in 2017? As digital marketeers, we are constantly asking ourselves this question so we can stay ahead of the curve. Like it or not though, the answer to this question is itself constantly evolving. It…
share button keyboard
What determines shareable content? Emotion or good SEO?
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These days, being a great content writer is quite simply not enough. Not only must we write compelling and relevant content, but we must now also ensure we write shareable content. If we don’t, all our hard work will be for…
Content writers in the new data driven age
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What skills do you need to join the elite band of truly employable content writers in 2016? Content writers needs to know how to write and craft their writing. But these days that’s a given. It doesn’t make you a stand…
Hiring a ghost writer
Hire a ghostwriter and reap the business benefits
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Hire a ghostwriter and actually help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve strategic efficiency.     Think about it. If you hire a cab driver it’s for convenience sake. If you hire a painter and decorator you know your house…