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LinkedIn Prompts
LinkedIn Prompts: Are They Stifling Your Networking Capacity? – Infographic
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LinkedIn Prompts: what do you think about them? When you receive a generic email that reads: “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn professional network,” or “Congratulations on your work anniversary. Hope you’re doing well,” how does it make…
why brandshould avoid politics on Twitter
Why Brands Should Avoid Politics on Twitter
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2016 will forever be remembered as THE year the world went mad. Who can recall a more politically tumultuous period in living memory? Beside WWII survivors, not many I’d have thought. But there have been plenty of desperate moments since…
using a macbook
Internships: Are they worth it?
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Students are never short of things to at University. There are societies to join, sports to engage in, friends to make, parties to go to – not to mention lectures, tutorials and coursework to keep up with. So, in the middle…
online business directories, yell review
Local Search Series Part 3: Paid Online Business Directories
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Local search is a tough nut to crack. Business owners need to work hard to get to the top of Google ‘My Business’ and other free online business directories. It doesn’t just happen overnight; it requires varying degrees of diligence and patience.…
get your business on google, local business directory
Local Search Series Part 2: Get Your Business on Google & Local Business Directories
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Every small business owner wants to get found online. But often it can feel like there is no point when there are much larger businesses surfacing first in local search results. This should not deter you; you can actually get your…
Hiring an Apprentice? Great Timing…
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Are you struggling to find the right staff? Do you wish you could train employees your way from the very beginning? Have you ever considered hiring an apprentice? Well now would be the perfect time. Introducing The New Breed of Apprentice Of course…
what is local search, town
Local Search Series Part 1: What is Local Search and how does it affect your business?
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Does your business thrive on local trade? Yes? Then you’re in the right place. Your primary marketing channel is probably good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Fantastic. This is certainly one of the most effective channels out there. Word gets around quickly within…
icustomer, mobile marketing, customer journey
Get to Know Your iCustomer
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 Have you met your iCustomer yet? If not, then you’re causing significant damage to your business. Your iCustomer is your most important customer. He or she wants to engage with your brand or product. They are constantly on the lookout…
customer service and EasyJet
Customer Service at Easyjet is anything but
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EasyJet is my least favourite airline.     I make no apologies for beginning my blog this way. In fact that sentence is a polite understatement. EasyJet is rude, unhelpful, egocentric and seem to do what they want when they…
marketing team structure
What is the best marketing team structure for your business?
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By now there is no question of it: if your company doesn’t have a discerning digital marketing strategy led by a team of digital experts then it will lose out to competitors who do. Consider your company’s online presence. Is there…