Assessing the true influence of social influencers

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In an increasingly busy digital marketplace, reaching out to social influencers has become a great way for emerging brands to build their audiences. In essence, it’s about finding influential people who have established audiences and brokering a deal with them…
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Net neutrality matters to all of us – particularly digital marketers

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It’s rare to see the internet’s biggest organisations putting their competitive differences aside to unite over a common issue. But that’s just what took place yesterday. Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Reddit all took part in a protest against the…

Ed Sheeran quits Twitter: the trolls win again

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When multi-award-winning singer Ed Sheeran recently stood centre stage as a headliner at Glastonbury Festival, there was a sea of love staring right back him. But when he’s face to face with his Twitter feed, it’s a very different story.…
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Business Cyber Security 2017: Wake up and smell the coffee

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Cyber security has often been ignored by businesses and the general public. Many still labour under the impression their data is of no interest to anyone else. If you still think like this it’s time to wake up and smell…
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Workplace creativity hacks: ways to reboot and recharge your creative energies

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Has it been a long week? Find yourself looking at the screen, feeling your productivity slipping through your fingers? Hey, it happens. Offices might be great in lots of ways, but they’re not always conducive to creativity. And open plan…

Social media, UK elections and millennial marketing

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British politics, and subsequent Brexit negotiations, hang in the balance. In the recent UK General Election we saw the resurrection of a more radical political agenda and galvanisation of the youth vote. Social media and digital communication played a fundamental…
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Social Influencers: Inspiring Female Thought Leaders Worth Following

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Earlier this year, we shared a round up of some of our favourite thought leaders on Twitter. You may have noticed that all of these thought leaders were male. This wasn’t a deliberate choice, it just turned out that way.…
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Storytelling Marketing: Why Stories Are Essential To Your Marketing Strategy

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Think back to when you were a child, when you’d ask your parents to read you a bedtime story. There really was no better way to fall asleep, with your brain still buzzing with tales of characters from far away…
Facebook Moderators: bullying

Facebook Moderators & Their Broken Moral Compass

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Facebook’s motto is ‘Move fast and break things’. That ethos might be good for innovation, but it appears to be contributing to a growing problem. Quite simply, Facebook has lost control of its content. And it’s having real world, negative…
social media advertising and 10 Downing Street

Social media advertising and politics: have we crossed the rubicon?

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When it comes to social media advertising, the array of audience targeting options available these days is truly mind boggling. Even digital marketers’ heads spin at the possibilities. Social media algorithms are becoming more complex and more intelligent. So it’s no…